About Us

About Us

Ithmar Plastic Industries Company was established as a private shareholding company in 2017. The company is headquartered in Nablus, Deir Sharaf Industrial Area and the headquarters of Palestine Plastic Industries Company.

The company manufactures innovative products (plastic cans) used in the packaging of agricultural and food products, and provides a range of packaging solutions for many other products and serves many sectors, and the most important sectors serving the company Agriculture, poultry and meat products, bakeries, restaurants, Plastic rolls in accordance with the highest specifications and local and international standards and through German machinery and equipment, advanced technology.

Ithmaar is the leading company in the field of manufacturing plastic cans in different sizes and weights. The capacity of the plastic packagings produced by the company ranges from 100g to 2k.

 As part of the company's development plan, in 2019, the company activated quality systems by obtaining international quality certification and obtained ISO 9001: 2015 as a first stage. The plan is to meet the needs of HACCAP customers with ISO 22000 and The development certificate adopted by the company obtain

In accordance with the highest specifications and local and global standards and reduce cases of nonconformity.

The company also strives to contribute effectively to meet the requirements of the local market and foreign markets of high quality plastic products that fit the highest local and international quality standards for the benefit, benefit our customers and the national economy, and reduce unemployment by absorbing the largest possible number of workers and graduates from all disciplines More than 50 employees have been absorbed since the establishment of the company.