As part of the global green trend, Ithmar Plastic Industries is using one of the most environmentally friendly materials (PET). The company produces a wide range of unique plastic packages, with or without lid for packing fruits and vegetables or other food products and bakeries. The contents between 100 gr to 2 kg, the company produces more than 350 varieties.


Four main departments, which makes it the leading and distinctive in that area and the most important lines owned by the company:


First: Mould manufacturing:

This department has an engineering and resources that specialized in design and manufacture of moulds based on the specifications of customers With CNC machines and advanced technology.


Second: Extrusion Department:

As a Self-sufficiency we have a extrusion lines of plastic rolls, which are produced from PET plastic granules, which provides the company's needs of plastic rolls in various colours, weights and thicknesses, which are used in the manufacturing the packages, and marketing of rolls also to foreign markets.


Third: Thermoforming Department:

We have a number of advanced German thermal forming machines in this field and a high production capacity to meet the needs of our customers, which are used in the manufacture of plastic containers in different sizes, weights and colours. The company offers a variety of solutions for packaging of various food and agricultural products.


Fourth: Recycling Department:

Specializing in the recycling of plastic waste resulting from the production of the containers  

and rolls.